Things You Should Know About Auto Shipping In US

Want to ship your car to a different state? Well, when you are moving to a different state, you’ll be bringing your vehicle as well, along with your other belongings. But you need to figure out how to transport your car in most protective and budget-friendly way. Moving a car to another country is not cheap. While some may prefer to buy another vehicle after residing in the new destination.

The process of moving a car is quite tricky and straightforward. There are different modes of transportation, like land transport, sea transport, or air transport. However, air transport is not suitable for standard cars as it is expensive and is used if the car is rare and a valuable piece. We will walk you through all the major factors that come into play during the delivering process.

Start Your Search Marathon

Start doing research. Yes, do plenty of it. Gathering the right and information will save you from any trouble or mishap. Search for a related topic and everything you need to know will pull up. Many companies offer transport delivery services. However, keep in mind that the company you hire should meet the following requirements.

  1. Check whether the company is offering services in your area or not.
  2. Is the company licensed, registered, and insured.
  3. Check whether the company is offering you the desired car shipping service.
  4. Make Your Documents Ready

As with any other business, when you make a deal, there is paperwork involved in it. The shipping process is not any different from it. And when it comes to international vehicle shipping, the paperwork is mandatory. The documents that you need to provide to the concerned authorities include the original certificate of vehicle and other legal permits.

Prepare Your Car for Shipment

Once you have decided to move your car for international shipment, you need to prepare your vehicle accordingly.

You need to make sure that all the unwanted stuff is removed from the vehicle. Check the front and rear seats and make sure that there are no important documents. However, the shipping company will also let you know which stuff is allowed during the shipment. Another important thing during the shipment is to empty the fuel tank. It is better to have no more than a quarter of the total fuel in the tank. There will be strict checking by customs agents at the border. They make sure that are no illegal materials in the car. As a protective measure, it is better to wash your car before transportation.

Duration and Cost for Shipping Overseas

Whenever you plan to ship your vehicle, the time and cost are the two main questions that come in our mind. Both factors depend on the nature of shipping.


The time required for your vehicle shipping depends on the final destination. For shipping, a car overseas may take a week or so. For some destinations, the shipment can take as long as a month or two. The duration is also dependent on the shipping service that you choose for your shipment. The company will provide you with all the details so that you can have a schedule of your journey.


The traveling cost of the shipment depends on a lot of factors. Distance plays a major role when it comes to the price of the shipment. Apart from that, other factors that count are insurance coverage, customs duty, and additional taxes and fees.

To sum up, shipping a car overseas requires proper attention to the details of the shipping process. Here at Auto Transport City, we offer international auto transport services at an affordable cost. We can ship your vehicle overseas while giving you comfort and ease so you can have peace of mind. Get your quotes, choose your desired service and enjoy your shipping journey with us.


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