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Ship car across country

You decide to move across the country for a long term vacation or maybe for a new job and driving your car to the new destination isn’t the best idea.

Miles of driving and spending much time usually make the stress even bigger. The resettlement process suffers great pressure for people, then why do we do unnecessary stress driving long distances. If you also go on holiday, why to rent a car, when you can take your vehicle with you.

Ship car across the country can be more cost-effective instead of driving to your new home.

For example, if you are moving from Chicago to Miami, you need 20 hours driving with your car to get to your new home. Also, if you ship your vehicle and your flight to Miami you spend only 3 hours. So the other difference is that you are not tired.

In this post, you’ll read everything you need to know how to ship a car across the country.

The price to ship car across country

All of us when we want to buy a service first that comes to our mind is how much that service will cost. It is in the nature of humankind. However, when shipping a car across the country, the price is not what will guarantee us safe and safe transportation of the vehicle.

The low price for shipping a car across country is not always the best idea. It is better to choose a company that guarantees that your vehicle will arrive at the destination in time and in a safe way.

Also you can calculate the price you will be charged with using online free car shipping calculator.

The size of the vehicle

The most significant factor that determine the cost of car shipping is the size of the car. The price is not the same shipping cost for SUV and ordinary small cars. Larger vehicles occupy more space in the trailer and require special conditions during transport. That’s why the price is higher for this type of vehicle.

Type of Transportation

There is a different type of transportation, but because you are moving across the country, you need to know these two types.

Open carrier shipping is convenient for many types of vehicles and at the same time the most economical.

This type of ship car across country is the most commonly used vehicle transport in the united states.

The truck is being transported by multiple vehicles at the same time, so it is cost-effective for the shipping company to reduce the cost of transportation.

Enclosed auto shipping is the transport of a car that is transported by a truck. The truck can have soft or hard sides that will allow for additional protection of the vehicle.

This type of shipping car across the country is best for luxury vehicles, antique vehicles, but also those classic ones.

Companies usually recommend this transportation if your vehicle is worth more than $ 50,000.

Pickup and delivery location

Taking the car and delivering to the wanted location also plays a significant role in determining the price for shipping car across the country.

If the company team take your car from home and deliver it to the door at the new location, that service is called door-to-door.

There is another option, which is to take you to the terminal and after taking it from the closest terminal to your new home. This type of service is known as terminal-to-terminal.

These are the significant things that are determining the price of a ship a car across the country. But there are also other things that you should know when you want to ship your vehicle.

The season is also a price determined. In the summer many people are moving, and the prices are high, and the lower season is in winter when the prices are lower.

The price of fuel is an integral part in determining the price. If the fuel price is raised, then the cost of transport is also changing.

Choose the right company to ship your car across country

The company’s business has a vital role in the process of ship car across the country. Find a company that has a team with experience. Do not always orient yourself according to the price offered by the company. As I said, the low price is not always the best idea.

Before you ship car across the country read reviews for companies, reviews are an indicator of the company’s performance. If previous customers are satisfied with the service of the company, they will write it. But read the negative comments too.

Always choose a company that assures you that your vehicle will arrive at a short destination in a timely and secure manner. You don’t need to worry about the safety of your car when you make a deal with an experienced and reliable company.


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  1. Very informative and complete guide. It is a good habit to check the company’s website and customer’s feedback and rating about the company that is offering you the best shipping services at an affordable cost. This will help in determining what services the company is offering so that you can choose which company suits you for your shipment. It is very difficult to relocate a costly vehicle to a new place or city. Tips should be necessary before relocating a vehicle. Personally, I love to suggest All state to state auto transport
    for auto transport.BTW your blog was helpful to me. Thanks for Sharing.

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