PK Ruia – The game changer in the Indian tyre industry

The growth of certain industrial sectors is a formidable task in itself. Especially, when it comes to the ones like tyre, rubber, heavy engineering and infrastructure, India is still hugely dependent on foreign brands. However, a name that has changed the face of these industries is Ruia Group.

Under the able guidance of Ruia Group MD, Pawan Kumar Ruia, the company has been achieving numerous feats since its inception in 1993. Not only this, Pawan Kumar Ruia has also earned a repute for being the man behind turning around ailing companies.

Headquartered in Kolkata, the company has a workforce of about 9,000 people. Ruia Group MD, in the year 2003, acquired the first frail company, a PSU by the name of Jessop & Co. Using innovative expansion methods and management practices, he turned around the company’s standing in the market.

The next major step taken by Ruia was in the year 2005, when it took over one of the biggest names in the market, Dunlop India Ltd, and resumed the brand’s operations after a sabbatical of almost 7 years. Another brand that was taken over along with Dunlop was Falcon tyres.

Amongst the world’s top-most companies in tyre manufacturing, the total production of Dunlop is nearly 200 million tyres each year. It is a brand associated with first pneumatic tyre and the birth of motor racing. Along with automotive tyres, the company also produces tyres for ATvs, motorcycles, carts, commercial trucks and competition go-carts.

With the achievement, Ruia Group made a mark in the tyre industry. Dunlop’s labour dispute has been solved, hundreds of litigations have been cleared, and the Rs 6 billion in liabilities are history. The losses incurred by the company have completely been wiped out. Dunlop’s plants in Ambattur (near Chennai) and Shahaganj (near Kolkata) are now operational.

Falcon Tyres is one of the most renowned names in the country. Marketed under the brand name of Dunlop, Falcon has been providing their products to multiple names, including Hero Moto Corp, Bajaj Auto, Royal Enfield, and more.

The acquisition of Dunlop, Falcon and Monotona Tyres Ltd (2007), were three significant steps taken by the Ruia Group. Foraying into the tyre industry, which in itself is a major part of automotive and transportation, Pawan Kuma Ruia increased the participation of local brands in the international tyre sector.

Also, with the government’s initiatives to increase the facilities in the transportation, it is crucial to internally aid the sector. The niche tyre market, besides giving the country international recognition, will also bring in facilities to build upon the initiatives taken by the government.

It is the vision of Pawan Kumar Ruia that has brought a tremendous transformation in the tyre market in India. The industry, which was once on the verge of collapsing, is now a flourishing sector, owing to the far sightedness of industrialists like Ruia.

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