Old vs New: Top Benefits of Buying a Used Car

We all are hesitant to choose old cars over new ones. But there are many benefits of using an old car. Of course, the thought of buying a brand new car is always exciting. But you can be happy with used cars too. Here are some top benefits of using old cars over new ones.

1. Cost-Effective and Less Depreciation Rate

Old cars can save you thousands of dollars. Even lightly used cars come down in price range once it is a used car. The first and foremost benefit therefore is, it saves a lot of money. One reason behind the old cars being more cost-effective is that all the new cars depreciate in a short period of time. If you sell your newly bought car in a span of 3 years, you will get only 54 percent of what you have actually paid for this. Some exceptions to this are visible in the market. Except for the depreciation matter, the used cars cost lesser sales tax, registration of a used car is lesser than a new one and insurance too. But all these savings might get used up for the maintenance requirements of the used car. You can do repairs with the help of scrap cars Auckland and other related services.

2. CPO Programs

Most automobile companies have Certified Pre-Owned cars program where the company gives away cars for lease. Certain restrictions on vehicle maintenance and mileage are given to the users. This way these cars are taken care of properly. Minimum duration is 3 years. This makes the owner feel like driving a new car. But there are some CPO services where they rent out on a regular basis and does not have a good condition. Always check Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) before buying used cars.

3. Low Car Insurance Rate

A used car has very low insurance rate than new vehicles. You can take insurance cover for collision and comprehensive coverage. This will pay for your vehicle maintenance and damages. Even the registration amount is cheaper. The registration amount falls depending on model year. So the first three to five years will have the highest registration rate and decreases every year. All this savings is almost near 30% with which you can have a high-class car.

4. Warranty

If you buy a pre-owned car from the same company used car outlet, you will get a warranty for your car even if it is limited to a few kilometers. This stipulated time is enough for you to find out what issues can possibly occur to this vehicle. But company outlets sell only near perfect cars.

5. Decent Conditions

Cars are now built to run at least 100,000 miles. This makes the used car more reliable and the condition of the car will be just as the new model. Used car outlets have advanced so much that these cars have higher detailing, good shape and interiors, are scratch free and maintains high mechanical standards. There are no more shabby interiors, dents or scratches in these used cars available in the market these days due to companies focusing on quality and safety more than anything.

6. Cheaper Rates for Luxury Add Ons

When you buy a new car, the company adds a lot of extra accessorize like a protective strip or anti-rust coatings. They charge extra for these add ons. But used cars will not have these type of fittings. They can even be bought for cheaper rates from outside. Reach out to truck wreckers NZ for more information on these accessorize. Another advantage of used cars is if you need a sunroof, you might be paying a much lesser amount than the previous owner for that particular option. This way it is profitable.

7. Dealing with Dealers

When you need a new car, you have to go through many extra charges the dealer is making you pay which can sound really unnecessary for the car. When you buy a used car, you are putting yourself in the market and they have no other way than agree to our negotiations.


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