My Dishwasher Was Beyond Repair, Yet These Guys Fixed It

Two weeks ago out of the blue and without any warning, my dishwasher broke down. It was really frustrating since there were a lot of dishes to take care of.

I searched the internet for a while before I stumbled on these guys. After going through the list of service that these guys offered, I realized that going with them will be the best decision. I gave these guys a call and I am now glad that it wasn’t any other business appliance repair service in Henderson NV.

I told these guys about my broken dishwasher and how it just stopped working. They asked if there were obvious signs for something wrong. I asked them why they are making me check when I am calling them to do it. They told me that if the problem was apparent and identifiable right now then they can come well prepared to deal with it.

They told me to check a few things and I did.

In the end, just after checking a couple of things, the problem turned out to be with the plug and the electricity chord of the dishwasher.

After I told these guys the problem they were at my doorstep within an hour. They had the proper replacement chord and plug ready with them. They came prepared, just like they said they would.

I took them to the dishwasher. They opened it, and as soon as they did I realized that I should have taken out the dirty dishes.

They took the dirty dishes outside and placed them in the sink.

My kitchen is small, so they had to bring the dishwasher outside to open it up and replace the chord. They were very careful about the surrounding when they took the dishwasher outside.

Once the dishwasher was outside they started working on it. They carefully opened it and took out the old burned out electrical wire from the dishwasher and replaced it with a new chord and a new plug.

The then closed the dishwasher with an equal amount of carefulness with which they opened it.

Once all the repair was done on my dishwasher they brought it inside. It was working fine now. I had to say this was the best LG dishwasher repair service in Henderson NV.

I have to say these guys were excellent with their work. The price that these guys quoted me was also extremely affordable and accurate to the amount of effort they had put in repair.

There is no doubt in my mind, that whenever someone asks me for an appliance repair company I will recommend these guys without a second thought. That is how good and professional these guys are. I consider it a miracle that I ended up with these and not with the other riff-raff that out there in millions claiming to be appliance repair experts.


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