Motorcycles for Newbies: Know Before You Buy

You may have always wanted to own a motorcycle. You can make the dream of owning your bike come true. But there are a few facts to consider before you pick your new bike.

Motorcycle Safety

Motorcycles are less protection during a crash than enclosed vehicles. Pedestrians and other drivers also find them harder to see. Because they have two wheels, they remain less stable to drive, as well. Motorcycle fatalities have also increased since 2017, according to the early estimates of the Governors Highway Safety Association.

It is possible, however, to safely drive motorcycles on today’s modern roads. Following a few easy motorcycle safety tips will increase your chances of safely owning and riding a bike.

Choose the Right Motorcycle for You

Take a look at a few concepts before you buy your motorcycle. You’ll be safer and have more fun if you buy the right bike for you. Some ideas to think about before you purchase that motorbike are:

How will you use your motorcycle? Will you use it for long distance travel, daily or on the weekend only? When choosing a motorcycle to ride every day, you’ll want a comfortable bike that gets good gas mileage. If you want a bike for long distance trips, comfort and gas mileage will remain a crucial concern. If you want your bike for off-road use, you’ll need a sturdy motorcycled that can take bumpier roads.

Don’t guess on your motorcycle riding ability. If you’re in doubt about the amount of horsepower you can handle, choose the lower horsepower and pick a smaller motorcycle. If you decide to upgrade to more power and a bigger motorcycle later, that’s fine. A good bike is like a comfortable pair of jeans. You have to try the bike on to make sure it fits you correctly.

Think before you buy. Don’t get excited by a spur of the moment motorcycle purchase. Research the model in which you are interested in. Try the motorcycle out by making a test drive. Ask lots of questions before you buy. If you can network with a motorcycle owner who has the same model of vehicle, see what they think about their bike.

Take a Motorcycle Training Course

You can benefit from the knowledge a motorcycle training course provides, even if you’ve been riding for a while. You’ll get hands-on training as well as classroom training that will instruct you on the rules of the road and assist you in becoming a better motorcycle rider. Once you’ve completed this course successfully, you’ll feel more confident riding your motorbike.

Get a Motorcycle License

Every state requires a specific motorcycle license for you to ride your motorcycle legally. During this test, you’ll probably need to take a driving test as well as a written test to ensure that you understand the rules of the road for your motorcycle. If you take a motorcycle safety course, all you’ll probably need to do is to take the written test to get your license.

Get the Right Gear

Everyone needs a helmet to protect their heads when they drive a motorcycle in the United States. Other types of gear you may need includes:

• Wearing a motorcycle jacket and pants to protect your body while you ride.

• Wearing sturdy leather boots to protect your feet and lower legs from the heat of the engine.

• Wearing gloves to protect your hands.

If you follow these simple motorcycle owner suggestions, you’ll be able to ride and enjoy your motorcycle adventures for years to come.


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