Key Terms To Be Aware Of When Shopping For A Vehicle Tyre

A good set of tyres are very crucial in keeping your car’s performance at the top-level. Your tyres cushion your car against every dip and bump on the road, which ensures that your vehicle’s suspension along with the other parts doesn’t suffer much wear and tear. Tyres also help in good steering control because if your tyres are properly inflated, it’ll help you drive your car in a straight line on the road.

However, poor quality tyres can lead to dragging or pulling your vehicle on one side, especially when driving on the road. And since tyres are highly important in maintaining your vehicle’s overall condition, the following are some of the few terms that you should know before you shop for new vehicle tyres – with the help of wheel alignment in Auckland services.

Terms To Know Before Purchasing A Vehicle Tyre

  • The Rating Of Speed

All tyres come with a specific speed rating which means that it’s the top-speed they can reach their maximum load capacity. The speed rating is generally disclosed in the form of a letter and not a number. For instance, the mention of the letter N means the top-speed is up to 140 km/h while the mention of the word P means that the top speed is up to 150 km/h.

Therefore, if you have a high-performance vehicle, it’s suggested that you choose a speed rating that corresponds to how you’ll be using the vehicle on the road.

  • The Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio refers to the size of the tyre – mainly being the relation of width to its height. It should be known that a shorter tyre will provide better handling on the road and may even be quieter as well. Therefore, if you want a tyre that can traverse through poor road conditions including rain and snow, then opting for a shorter tyre aspect ratio will do the trick.

Tyres that have a greater aspect ratio will eventually cost you less but the overall handling will not be at par to what you’d expect. Increasing the size of the tire or wheel can also result in a change to the scrub radius of your car. Having a positive or negative scrub radius may result in your tires scrubbing the road while turning.

  • The Flat Tyre Feature

Some tyre variants have a special design to run flat for a short distance as soon as you hit a nail or debris on the road, leading to a tyre puncture. It should be remembered that such tyres are not designed to be kept deflated permanently in case you suffer a puncture and not decide to replace or repair the same. These tyres are only meant to be a life-saver in conditions where there are fewer vehicle service centres on the road and in such troublesome times can help you reach your destination anyhow.

You can use these types of tyres especially if you live in an area where there is too much debris on the road because of construction zones and so on.


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