How To Get Top Dollar When Selling Your RV Online

It is true that many assets increase in worth over the years, but this is not the case with your used motor home. Just like any other automobiles, recreational vehicles depreciate over time. In fact, your RV takes the first hit of depreciation the moment you drive the vehicle off the lot, and its value keeps declining for every year of use. Depreciation refers to the difference between the purchase price of your RV and the amount you get when you sell it.  As a seller, you would aim to maximize your rig’s selling price in spite of the fall in its value. Fortunately, there are many ways to do that and selling the rig online can be one of them. If you are a first-time seller, you may ask how do I sell my RV online for top dollars?   Fret not. You can get the best resale value for your vehicle if you can prove that you have maintained your rig properly. Customers, when looking for a luxury rig online, seek specific features such as the engine condition, tire size, make, model, and likes. Here are a few depreciation-defying steps that can help you grab a lucrative deal for your RV:

Keep All Documents Ready

When prospective buyers show interest in your motor home, they will be looking for the sales invoice and user manuals of the electronic devices, kitchen appliances, and fixtures that you had received at the time of purchase. Make sure that you have all paperwork organized and in place. A clean title is what potential buyers look for before signing on the dotted line. Also, offer a summary of the upgrades that you have made to your rig. Do not forget to mention the number of miles traveled, information related to fuel economy, and the need for future maintenance in summary. It shows that as a  responsible owner, you have maintained your RV well, and incurred the expenses to keep the vehicle in best shape.

Spend Moderately on Upgrades

You can always shell out a few dollars more for including a few necessary add-ons like step rugs, new window treatments, kitchen or bathroom accessories, and things like that. But avoid spending too much on accessories like a new HDTV or a music system when the old multimedia systems are up and running. It is not necessary to invest in more expensive appliances just to replace the old ones. Adding pricey equipment to your home on wheels does not necessarily increase its resale value. You may be upset when a potential buyer refuses to pay more for these after-market accessories. Install useful items such as roof seals, roof vents fans, shower and towel racks, and shoe storage instead. These little yet useful add-ons will preserve your motor home’s value in the long term without burning a hole in your pocket.

Spruce Up Your RV for a Presentation

When you bought your motor home for the first time, what did you expect? A clean, polished RV with all the creature comforts to make traveling convenient. The same thing applies to your buyers who will not be interested in investing in a home on wheels in a lackluster condition. It means that staging your used rig is all that matters when you are selling your RV. Before customers visit for a personal inspection of the vehicle, ensure that it is spick and span, odor-free, and with all minor fixes done. Make sure that upholstery and carpets get a deep cleaning by a professional cleaner.

Before advertising on the internet, always highlight in the ad that you have kept your motor home in an excellent condition. Therefore, when thinking about how to sell my RV online for an excellent price, think maintenance and practical solutions and you will surely get top dollars for your home on wheels. Prospective buyers should feel that you have cared for your luxury vehicle and invested a lot in it to keep it well maintained. It is the best way to minimize the effect of depreciation and make customers pay a fair price for your rig.


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Written by Della Moris

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