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Debunking Common Tire Warranty Myths

Tires are one of the most important aspects of a car. Driving with worn or underinflated tires can be extremely dangerous and may result in an accident. Tire warranties pay for the repair or replacement of a tire, either in full or in part, if the damage was caused by a road hazard. This could be due to hitting a pothole, debris, nails, wood, or other hazards that might appear in the road. Here are some common myths that people often fail to understand when they buy tire warranties.

You Can Replace a Full Set of Tires

Some people incorrectly think they can receive a brand new set of tires if they pop all four tires. A tire warranty will only allow for the replacement of a tire that has been damaged by a road hazard and it’s very unlikely that all four tires will be affected by the same hazard. An adjuster may investigate the situation or require photographs of the hazard as all four tires being damaged would send up a red flag. If you cause damage to any of your tires intentionally or by any other method than a road hazard, you will be responsible for the purchase of new tires on your car.

New Tires Come With Road Hazard Warranty

When you buy new tires, they will usually come with a warranty but this is not a road hazard warranty. This is a common misconception that could result in the owner thinking they already have a full tire warranty. The purchase of new tires will often come with a manufacturer’s warranty, but this only covers the workmanship of the tire. It will not cover any damage caused by any other source, such as road hazards. For this reason, it’s important to purchase a tire warranty that will cover those hazards, allowing you protection should you suffer tire damage due to these issues. If there is a workmanship problem that may allow you to enact the manufacturer’s warranty, it will likely be noticed when the tires are being balanced. However, this is quite rare with new tires.

You Can Use the Warranty If You Hit a Curb

There are a lot of road hazards that will be covered by a tire warranty but a curb is not one of them. Curbs cause a lot of tire damage as people run up on them while parking or taking a corner. Many people believe that this type of damage will be covered by their tire warranty but this is considered damage caused by the driver rather than an existing problem they had no control over. The result is that you’ll be responsible for the full repair or replacement of the tire.

You Have Full Coverage of the Tire

When purchasing a tire warranty, you may assume that you have full coverage should something occur. However, many warranties cover the tire based on wear and tear. The more the tire has been worn, the less coverage there will be of the tire. Depending on the tread-depth, you’ll have coverage for a certain percentage of the tire and will be responsible for the remainder.

Whether you drive over potholes, hit a nail, or run into some other road hazard, you could end up with tire damage. A tire warranty will cover all or part of the expense of a tire repair or replacement. These are some myths to understand when you buy tire warranties to avoid a misunderstanding. Call on Wheel and Tire Care if you’re interested in purchasing a tire warranty for your car.

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