Additional Services You Can Offer a Car Dealership

A car dealership doesn’t operate in isolation. Often, they function under the guidance of a parent company or strike up a dealership contract with an automaker for provisions of the vehicles sold. Additionally, they need the help of insurance and loan companies to operate legally and provide good deals.

Consequently, there are many additional services to be offered to a car dealership to refine their service. We consider a few of them below.


Car dealerships are a business like any other; they have goods to sell and they want to make money. However, these dealers will rarely settle for selling ‘just a car’ and are likely to fervently pitch extra add-ons and insurance premiums for buyers to lap up along the way. They say that this sweetens the deal, saving customers money in the long-term and perhaps even keeping them safer on the roads.

However, many car dealerships amass a poor reputation squarely because of their manipulative behaviour; they push too hard in their sales pitches, or rip customers off with extortionate prices slapped on shabby vehicles. Companies such as CAP HPI offer valuation services that can be used by dealerships to sell their cars in a more legitimate, cost appropriate manner. If you offer this kind of service to a car dealership, you’re providing them with a fairer business strategy and a smoother, more sustainable cashflow that isn’t spurred on by bursts of desperate deceptions.

Insurance Offers

For every action a business wishes to perform, a common question is tacked on the end that needs to be answered; do we need insurance for that? If a car dealership is operating without key coverage, they can endanger the lives of their customers, jeopardise the livelihoods of their workers and face business closure and prosecution.

Whether it’s quotes, repairs or replacements, your advice in this arena can fill the gap in dealership awareness. You can provide a service that acts as a legal encyclopaedia for all those trading in cars, informing them of what standards they need to meet as we all as a rundown of all quotes pertaining to their situation. Moreover, the knowledge can be funnelled through to their customers too as a marketable point, showcasing you as a reliable and informative consultant to the dealership.

Simplify the Process

Cars are wrapped up in legal requirements, as well as coming across as being technical and daunting purchases. Each customer who walks into the dealership is looking for something that speaks to them alone and is likely to have vastly varying needs compared to prior customers. The pressure is on to make the sale, and often it’s too much for the dealer to process.

However, an effective additional service to offer here can be consultancy; not just in insurance requirements, but salesmanship too. How can the dealer help the customer better understand the car? What language and/or body language should they adopt? How should they negotiate pricing? What must they do if they need to recommend a vehicle that’s taking up too much space on the lot for far too long? Providing the dealership with the answers to these popular enquiries would make for a robust additional service.  


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