7 Seater Rental: Choosing the Right Car for a Family Trip

Comfortable 7-seater cars for a large and friendly family are in great demand. They are perfect for short weekend trips or long-distance journeys because of their outstanding interior space, practicality and efficiency. Therefore, tourists often use 7 Seater Rental for their personal purposes. Given that the range of minivans is diverse, the traveler has plenty to choose from. Most often, the reliability, spaciousness of the vehicle and its price are in the major characteristics. However, finding a car with such an adequate combination is not easy, even with a wide selection.

So, we offer you a list of excellent 7-seater vehicles that you can rent for your family trip.

Volkswagen Touran

This is a standard family minivan car, which, according to the results of restyling, got updates in the body design, interior, and basic functionality while maintaining recognizable corporate features and a purely German combination of quality and reliability.

Due to some lengthening of the body, it was possible to place seven seats with different levels of comfort inside. The most comfortable are the front seats, with lateral support, a lot of work settings and a heating system.

The second row has only different slopes of the back, and the third row just seats. The transformation of the rear seats allows you to configure the total volume in the range of 1,040-1,980 liters.

Renault Grand Scenic

Renault has experience in the production of family cars. After the last restyling, the minivan acquired a more stylish look, a modern interior and an updated line of power units.

Revolutionary changes didn’t take place in appearance – the car only was increased slightly in size in order to improve internal passenger comfort, as well as acquired many relief waves on the body.

The interior is made of natural or eco-leather, fabric, plastic, and aluminum. A powerful multimedia system will brighten up long hours of travel for passengers.

The seats of the family car are cozy and thoughtful, and unlike those in most models, all rows have a large number of settings and options, allowing you to enjoy the trip with maximum comfort.

Citroen C4 Grand Picasso

Minivans of the Citroen C4 Picasso series are notable for their low cost, stylish appearance, and comfortable interior. The post-styling model has become even more attractive and modern, and the technical equipment of the car was improved.

In the design of the car, you can feel the restrained and concise style, which befits a family car. Everything is aimed at practicality and reliability under any circumstances.

The car is equipped with a multimedia system that allows passengers to have fun on the road.

The comfort of a 7-seater interior is achieved through comfortable seats. They are accompanied by a list of additional equipment and functions that can make your travel time much more enjoyable.

For the first row, there are head restraints, lateral support, the ability to electrically adjust the position, heating, and ventilation.

The second row offers adjustable seatbacks, comfortable head restraints, and heating in cold weather. Also, you can install a separate climate system. The third row is the simplest one, but the possibility of heating is also presented.

The trunk holds a cargo volume of 650-2,200 liters.

Opel Zafira Life

Opel Zafira Life was introduced recently. According to the manufacturer, the new product is a perfect benchmark in the MPV-class line with excellent safety and German reliability.

The exterior of the car is simple, concise, as befits the passenger minivan, and is little distinguishable from similar cars of French automakers. In the cabin, you can install two or three rows of seats, which comfortably accommodate 6 to 9 people.

The car is equipped with many systems and devices that facilitate driving: from adaptive cruise control and a rearview camera to a panoramic roof, electric doors, and a driver’s seat.

Toyota Alphard

The updated model was a success: it’s characterized by an attractive appearance with an original aerodynamic relief and enlarged optics, a comfortable interior, and improvements in the engine compartment.

Minimal changes in the design of the cabin are associated with its excellent quality on the previous version of the model. Designers only slightly improved the quality of finishing materials and refreshed multimedia devices, adding modern assistants and systems.

The car can be converted for 7 or 8 passengers and has a huge trunk of 1,900 liters.

All models provide the ability to connect the all-wheel drive, which allows the car to accelerate perfectly, and consume a relatively small amount of fuel.

Reliability, capacity, safety, and comfort are what awaits every traveler who rents a car for a family trip. All models from our review satisfy these criteria, so you can choose the car that you liked the most.

In addition, they all have an acceptable level of fuel consumption that will make your trip not only convenient but also budget.


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