5 Things you Need to Lookout for in Cage Trailers

Imagine a box trailer with a cage around it. That’s exactly what a cage trailer looks like. These trailers are perfect for carrying around goods that are tall or even a bit lost. Different types of furniture or any other loose goods can be tied onto the walls of the cage. The cage walls are used to tie the goods securely on to the trailers. They are not only easy to handle and are very versatile, but they are very adaptable too. The main factor to consider when it comes to looking for cage trailers is their quality. Along with this, the fact that whether the trailer can be locked, has a door or not, can be used as a measure to gauge its quality and dependability. Galvanized steel trailers are very good materials at keeping the trailer from rusting or corroding which can damage the whole trailer.

Few Things that you Need to Lookout for in Cage Trailers:

1. The size: Size matters when it comes to a cage trailer. Think about what purpose you are going to use this trailer for, and then accordingly choose which size is most suitable. Popular sizes are 6’*4’, 7’*4’, 7’*4.6, 7’*5’, 8’*5’. Think about how tall the thing you are going to carry is going to be, and then look for the sizes online to get an idea of how it looks. Get the size that seems like a perfect match for the items to be carried.

2. The load capacity: Usually cage trailers can take load up to 1500kgs. These trailers are a top-notch solution for a huge variety of load and towing issues. They can take a lot of weight, thereby getting one will definitely not be a bad decision. These trailers are more of an investment which can come into handy during any time of the future.

3. Standard specifications: There are a few standardized specifications present in each cage trailer. There are RHS chassis and tie-down rails to start with. Not just that, but there are smooth flooring, LED lights and even 9” sides. The doors are often situated or the rear end or near the tailgate.

4. Extra things that can add value: Apart from the above mentioned standard specifications, there are a few extra things that you can add to your cage trailers. It is totally optional, but later on, adds value to the trailer when you try to resell it. Things like the front toolbox, side toolbox, side compartments, ladder racks, front tailgate, air compressor box, mower box, checker plate, jockey wheel, spare wheel, etc. can be added. These extras not only add value to your trailer but also make your job convenient and specific for your purpose.

5. Getting the right brakes: The standard brakes ensure the safety of the vehicle and the goods it’s supposed to carry. Brakes are not required up to 750 kg GVM, and in the case of 2 wheeler hydraulic, it needs to be over 750 KG.

Cage trailers with a galvanized cage are very useful. The more it is galvanized, the longer it stays. A standard trailer has an economic life of a minimum of twenty to thirty years. Maintenance of these cages is not very hard. Cleaning from time to time reduces the chances of dirt accumulating or even rusting.

Tall items such as garden clean up gear, fridges, cabinets and other stuff like firewood or rubbish can be moved using these trailers. Cage trailers are an ideal and best choice for both households as well as in trade works. Trailers are often made in such a way that they are versatile enough to help you customize them according to your requirements.


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