Yoworld Mall Project

Monday, 8.5.19

Today, I decided to do a video. I soon realized that I couldn’t find my regular movie maker. I soon noticed there is a Windows 10 Movie Maker. I installed the free version. It is different from the older one on Windows 7. I need to do more videos to get used to it. But I noticed I can add music on this movie maker. So, I added a music tune called Summer because this video is all about summer at the Yoworld Mall. 

I decorated many rooms, 18 to be exact, which is more than usual for my Yoworld project. I got some nodes or door portals triangles to connect all the rooms together so that I can easily maneuver through my mall hallways, stores, cafeteria, lobby with concierge desk and maintenance people, and the downtown garment district, which has a photo studio, fashion store, restrooms and balcony, parking lot, and outdoor food court and balcony for fashion parties/events.


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