Yoworld Cali Summer Vacation Homes 2019

Friday, September 13, 2019 or Friday the 13th

I really worked on this video project on Thursday night, but I finally published this video on Friday 13th. This Yoworld home decorating project turned out long because I connected many rooms and summer homes together via hiking trails, although the Penthouse Suite and her business firm are in the city. The two cottages and beach hut are by the water, two by the lake and one by the ocean. There is also a pier.

The Penthouse Suite has many rooms, which includes first floor jacuzzi and mini kitchen as well as a balcony patio overlooking the beach and ocean. It is in a gated community. The second floor has a foyer, kitchen, den and game room. The third floor has the Great Room, which leads to a large bathroom and Rec Room via the hallway, loft bedroom with a walk-in closet, and large balcony overlooking city lights. 

There is also Alton Towers, which is the main building for the apartments and Penthouse Suites. It includes the main lobby and a community recreation room. In the front, there are many bicycle racks and bicycles. The Alton Towers building has a main elevator, which goes from the Towers lobby to the first and second floors of the Penthouse Suite. There is also a spiral staircase inside the Penthouse Suite, which goes from the 2nd floor to the 3rd floor.

From the Penthouse Suite’s Courtyard, a road leads to a nature hiking trail that goes through camping areas, lake, pier and ocean. On the way, there are many cottages and a beach hut as well as a forest and enchanted garden. There are also many wildlife on this hiking trail.

I did this project on Windows 10 Movie Maker, but I am on the free version. So, it is limited. I added the background music from the program before uploading the video on Youtube.


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