You’re Name Was Whispered

Several months back in February we lost a member from our Tsu family, some of you were on Tsu but anyway she died unexpectedly.

I am sure most of you know by now that back in February our Tsufamily lost Bella Black, I wrote a couple of Memorial poems for her afterwards, this was one of those.

You’re name was whispered
He spoke it to the angels
He said “Let’s free her of the pain.”
We grieve over the loss
But she smiles down
And whispers
“I’m free now.”

You’re gentle spirit is missed
But a piece of you
Lives on
In every life you touched.
Your legacy is a proud one
But you’re work is done.

So cry the tears
If you must
But remember me with
A smile
And continue my legacy of
Compassion and love.

©Michelle R Kidwell

In Memory of Amanda…A.K.A Bella Black.


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