This Unrealistic Artwork Features A Wonderful Imaginary World!

With the help of art, we can go beyond the borders of the ordinary. It can take us to a whole new level. Everything is permitted in artwork. It allows us to have a peek into the unique world of the artist himself. Even if it is imaginary and unrealistic. That is what makes it worth. And yes, art makes everything possible!

A young girl called Luisa Azevedo is a truly talented artist. She creates stunning artistic images, that go beyond the possible. You will be amazed by her artwork. Her assignment is to combine ordinary things into extraordinary combinations. Photography, design and digital art are her passion. And we can see that through her photos.  Using photo manipulation to bring life to the images, her task is to deconstruct and reconstruct her own reality. If this sounds as amazing to you, wait until you see the gallery of this stunning artwork.

All of this sounds promising, but wait until you see the gallery. Check out the unrealistic artwork that features a wonderful imaginary world. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite one!


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Written by Kristina


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