We stood
There pondering
Wondering when it all
When someone tried
To steal this place of beauty
And destroy it piece by piece.

She looked at me
And said with the
Wisdom of eight and a half years
And a passion for all things
Created by the hands
Of our creator
“They’re ruining it
Destroying our fish
Dirtying there Water.

I know I can’t shield her
Hide what she’s standing next to
So we talked of how it hurt her
To see this beautiful place
Treated like a trash can.

We watched a few butterflies flutter by
Remembering how only last summer
This placed was filled with them.

For awhile we picked
Our berries filling our bowl
As she dropped a few
In the stream
Feeding the few
Fish that were
In the stream.

The place we loved
Unraveled by destruction
And lack of care
And we couldn’t help
To think
About all we had seen.

(C) Michelle R Kidwell


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