Tara -The Guide-Part 1

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The desolate climate grew colder by minutes as dusk darkened and shreds of sunlight died. Tara had a huge drag in her heavy snow boots up a white snow carpet that was slippery and rocky. Her ajar lips spewed breath fumes that could be discerned in low light bulbs that began to come in view on the sidewalks of this village that flanked the famous tourist hub of Kufri in Himachal Pradesh of India. With heat flowing out thus, her body energy also ebbed ,and her limited breakfast of 12 hours vintage had evaporated.

Tara was emaciated and had her stomach lined in double walls with nothing in between. Her lips were parched to painful flakes of skin. With, most precipitate solidified to extremes, tumbler water was scarce. She was raving hungry as well. At 4 feet 10 inches exactly, Tara was a pint-sized scream. She was so pretty to look at, that most tourists smiled at her quite out of turn. With half cut shoulder length scraggy hairs, blue eyes, ruddy high boned cheeks, her wide eyes made no questions ever except beckon you to a seat for a long walk atop her mare Sonam in the desolate and white terrains that she and several horse guides like her crowded since early morning looking for tourists buying horse rides. Sonam was a well-built mare of Arabian pedigree. A deep tan made her shine dazzlingly in the winter Sun. She trudged along after having done her last of the 65, mile long trips. Sonam had no flies to fight away yet she swirled her tail swiftly both ways as she followed Tara two feet behind.  Tara quietly tied Sonam to a stem hold and left her to fend the white cold night all by herself with the only assistance of a thick, torn and smelly patched up blanket, not forgetting to place Sonam’s night chew and a keg of water. For now, Tara smiled feebly as she stepped in her hut, where she dwelled with her grandmother and two younger siblings. Her paining calves took her to a corner wooden pedestal where her sparse dinner of a broken bulb of onion, two green chillies, a piece of jaggery and three round breads of millet flour was kept. Hungrily Tara ate it all and quenched her thirst with a large tumbler of water. In about 15 minutes Tara retired to a corner of her seven feet by seven feet hut and collapsed in a huge pile of torn blankets where her two siblings were buried nearby somewhere , already in deep dozes. Her grandmother coughed nearby and their night ended by 8 PM.

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Written by Glower4

Glower is a writer cum poet who is a commoner endowed with uncanny gift of extreme and deep abstract thought resulting in astonishing written word.

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