Sunset Througout the Cork Trees, Alentejo acrylic landscape painting by Alex Solodov

Sunset Throughout the Cork Trees, Alentejo – landscape acrylic painting by Alex Solodov showing sunset through the crock trees brunches in Alentejo, Portugal.

Alentejo one of the unique places in Europe where crock trees growing. It takes years of waiting for the right time to remove the cork and this is very interesting and complicated process.

On this painting I catch the moment when sun goes down above the Alentejo hills during the sunset creating an especial effect that you can see that through a tree brunches.

This painting is inspired by post-impressionist painting and Gustav Klimt’s landscapes.


What do you think?

Written by alexflasher


  1. Very nice work, Alex. There’s no mistaking Klimt’s influence! I really like the way you’ve photographed the work from different angles, and how it draws the viewer’s attention to different details and aspects. Thanks for letting us see this 🙂