Suddenly into the wood on Sunday (Morning)

… In the woods one Sunday morning I suddenly felt a rustle in the grass next to me … I turn and here is a young deer that rises from the endless, lush expanse of blue bells .. . the slight wind and the scents of the forest I penetrate the soul and the heart …

I fell in love with bluebells and forests of United Kingdom ! That’s why I painted this canvas.

Painted on the Sabbath day 4 in March, in the year of Lord 2017.

Acrylic on canvas

51cm x 24 cm x 2cm


Ester Q

The canvas is stretched on a solid wooden frame. The artwork is signed on the back and accompanied with a certificate of authenticity.


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Written by ester_nine

She was born his connection with art, with a deep respect and admiration for two great masters such as Van Gogh and color Hocusai. Of these, the artist Ester Q

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