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Simply me

Here is the typical moodiness, sadness, disorientation, melancholy of an artist put on a canvas with some oil paints. This is me. A white canvas...

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Pain and madness

Pain and madness, painted quickly in a few hours. But after a long pause, where I  painted small invenal landscapes and some charcoal and...

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At the end of my country road

Still a small doodle drawn and inspired by some photos taken by me. Still a landscape of the Tuscan countryside in the middle of...

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the endless oil painting

This is one original and unique paintings. Winter landscapes are very fascinating. This was painted from a picture taken by me. oil painting on canvas...

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Winter skies

The winter skies are beautiful! These days I have been able to photograph the various moments ... Here is one! Digital photo on fine paper From...

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Simply me

Pain and madness

At the end of my country road

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