Stand and remember

My sweet lust, one of existing trust, not the calculating fidgeting of the knave, only the one of laughter of the brave. Stand and remember, star not hanging for one, in truth, peace exists for the majority, not bought, with the blood, or memory of our young.

Meant for us, together, this daily celebration, gathering, given to us when we awake, can become fragile, when ignored, concentration of the fake. Now see the wonder of the truth, peace the tranquillity, should be given to our youth. Not the blunder of the lie, for here is the ending, Intelligence should show us why.

The true defending lays not, in outward land, it is our homes where we should stand. See the damnation of the domination speaker, then you will see, the monger of fear, fabricator, of wanted hate, the sorrow of our souls, the way of money taking, has always shown. These words are not overblown.

So join the will of our children, seek the peace of freedom, the wealth of understanding, giving laughter, instead of madness, Jealousy of the other is your ending, Acceptance the beginning.

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