Somewhat Productive Day…

Saturday, 7.17.21

At noon, actually around 12:30 pm, I drove to Showcase Gallery for another art reception. I made two videos of the artwork, but I haven’t uploaded them to my PC yet.  I stayed until 2 pm, checking out the art and chatting with other people about art. I also talked about my own art, which is my graphic novel. Since it was a nice day, I decided to drive across the street to South Coast Plaza mall. I walked around inside the mall, crossed the pedestrian bridge to the other wing of the mall, and then cross the street to the Metropointe Center–which has some outlet stores and Nordstrom Rack. I specifically wanted to go to Nordstrom Rack in order to check out their workout sneakers. I need to go back, maybe on Sunday, in order to try some out to see if any are good for workouts–walking on treadmill and walking meetups. I want to make sure the sneakers have good arch and cushion. My old Asics is getting old–the front sides have small tears on the mesh area. But, so far, it is still OK for now. My current Asics were from Nordstrom Rack. I browsed around, and I noticed from my iPhone that I walked 2.9 miles and 7,166 steps. Not bad for walking around inside and outside of the mall areas, wearing a KL Shift dress and sandals.  I need to wear something more comfortable for tomorrow. I might stay in my yoga clothes. 

I returned home at around 4:30 pm, and ate my dinner. I watched the last video on a Facebook page about creating Launch Group. It isn’t going to be easy for me because I am not into selling. But I didn’t register for the classes because it is too expensive. I just wanted to get an idea about what it takes to do one. It is all about sells and marketing. 

I added a snapshot of the Breakfast Oatmeal Smoothie I made for breakfast. I got the recipe from Youtube video. 


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