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Before you go about troubling your brain in reading I want you to laugh to full extent. Check this comedy literature par excellence:



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After riding a cab for long and good can you avoid paying meter? Excessive tries may land you in prison ! For more cues watch the face of unpaid driver!You think you are clever, but, are you the top of the world? If you think yes, then you may be turned and proven soon to be the biggest FOOL of that very world! At every step of this globe there lurks a foxier person.

They may yell for you and root for you but when arrest warrants are actually issued they would all vanish and alibi that you did it & arrest him ! They would root then he started it all then did all !

World tries hardest to claim even $10 owed to them. They would go to Siberia and around the globe for it. But when it comes to your $100000 they would say what claim and why..let us combine not to let him have that..hahaha! That is how conspiracies live-jealousy !

Trying a lie can buy you fun for a few days-truth shows up hard and fast and at appointed time & liar usually bears cost to hilt!You may think you have escaped a misdeed- look carefully costs catch up with you suddenly and without notice and costs can cover your family or environments. It is often too late and you are made to pay for it !

Can you steal somebody’s dues forever? You say NO because you know TRUE claimant would come around sooner than later. Then why did you STEAL it at all ? Think Over ! If you assimilate that you would be rid forever of this obnoxious crime.

Male psychology is to adore an opposite sex body? But is it true of all males globally? If you think so there is no greater FOOL than you? You would be burnt completely trying to entice such males ! Additionally you may end up bruised in a jail for practicing world’s oldest profession

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Written by Glower4

Glower is a writer cum poet who is a commoner endowed with uncanny gift of extreme and deep abstract thought resulting in astonishing written word.

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