The SKY CAME DOWN and blessed my LIFE

APRIL 24 2017

And the sky came down

and blessed my life

And the sky

came down

and blessed my life

and every part


in my body around

and every joint rested

as though age

had been bested

no pain in body

and no stiff parts

for joints FOUND

NEVER used drugs

or smoked or chewed

all because I promised

that smoke or pot

I would refuse.

I made an oath

and the angels heard me

and I never smoke or chewed

and 80 years can see

good organs so young

good organs so young

that the Muses have SUNG

KEEP your promises

and temple clean

and I can touch my toes

and the sky is

is a blessed SCENE.


and sleep on lullaby

easy sigh



What do you think?

Written by Johndavisnearby

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