Simple Romance in the City (Artwork)

Title: Simple Romance in the City

Style: Graphic Design

Made with: Gimp

© Courtney Dutton

Hello once again everybody,

I thought I would share another art piece with you all.  

I made this one in Gimp like always.  If you have used Gimp, do you like it?  

I started out by creating a blue and purple gradient and overlaying it with a sun ray brush to create the lined effect.

Then I added the silhouettes over that.  I kept it simple with the silhouettes by only adding a few different items. I know I have said a lot lately that my work is simple, but I do have some more complex pieces.  I’ll have to share one of those sometime soon.

What do you all think of this art design?  I would love to hear your feedback!


What do you think?


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