Rain Drops and Rainbows

A rain Drop

is art in a Stop

then a jump into motion

with a light

in its Hop

A rainbow has the full

Force of the Sun

running and gunning

Sweet innocence

as Light in its Turn to Burn

Grand colors By

the Eye of the Sky

The rain bow

filters color of the Sun

around  mountain and SKY

the Rain Drop

with a skip and a Hop

makes a Hop

of shimmering color

down near the Eye


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Written by Johndavisnearby

LET loose the Night
to play its strings in my Heart
the Music of the Ages
has a Beat from the Start
A Tit a Tat
and the Tap of a Shoe
Even the Muses listen to YOU
A Lute a Flute
Cello and violin Too
O Night of the Soft Winds
the children of Earth
Listen to YOU

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  1. To Lois Henderson: I remember you from your sharp but tactful description of the Books you review. A private showing of a public Shoe. Walk in the book. Have a quick awesome look. A turn of the heel and the reader is made to feel He or she read the Book Too.

  2. Aaahhh – water! We’re surviving the worst drought in over a hundred years at the moment, so savour anything to do with water. Fortunately I live on a river bank, so there’s always water close by. This morning there were wild swans flying overhead kraaking with the pleasure of seeing it. They were flying south, so had been over some very dry parts – poor things…

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