Phone case, back side drawing

I drew this to continue practicing the Draw 20 household objects. So this is the back of the same phone case of my Galaxy Phone. It is a dusky purple color, but I haven’t gotten to use colors yet. Maybe that will be in this course or the next one. I don’t know. My daughter says that I have to practice drawing straight lines, I like the way that I put the stiches in the case, and shaded the dusky color with an old eraser that doesn’t really erase anymore but leaves a dark grey streak. So I used that to make the shading. It works! pa

Here is the link to my YouTube playlist of recent songs.  I want to get good enough drawing that I can use my own drawings for the pictures in the videos.


What do you think?


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      • I know… Being an artist doesn’t have to mean being a good teacher…… Hmmmm… I never tried Udemy in any of the cases….. Who is your teacher there, are you satisfied…..? If you need more instructions you can let me know, I am a graduated painter myself…..! 🙂 Although I’m not sure if I’m a good teacher myself….., LOL ;D

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