Perdy, the Cat-a-pillar Goes to the Circus Part 2

Perdy finished his work at Rachel’s and she gave him a dollar for his trip to the circus.  Rachel suggested he find Flighty, the firefly and see if he needed anything done around his old barn.  He moved on down the road and did decide to take Rachel’s advice and go to Flighty’s place of residence, and old barn just down the road.  As fast as a caterpillar can go he started out down the road and it seemed not to take him so long for he knew what his reward will be when he collects his four more dollars to go.

Perdy saw Flighty flitting around his barn and he called up to him asking if he had any work that he needed done.  Flighty yelled down from the sky and landed right beside Perdy and said, “Yes, there is one thing I would like done for I cannot do it myself.” “I would like someone to sweep the floor of my home”  “Did you ever hear of a firefly that was allergic to dust, Perdy?”  “No, I haven’t.”  “Well, I do and I would greatly appreciate this kind of help at least once a week.”  “I am the caterpillar for you then Flighty for I need some a little more money for a trip to the circus tomorrow, but I will gladly come by once a week to sweep your floor for you if you really need someone to do it for you.”  “Yes, I would like that Perdy.” “It’s a deal and I will pay you a dollar for the work.”  “Thank you, Flighty and I will get started right away.” “The broom is in the corner you will see it.”  Perdy went in the barn, saw the broom and started sweeping and in about an hour he was done and asked Flighty what else he needed done, but Flighty could not think of another chore for him to do.  Flighty suggested he check on Gunther, the earthworm.  “Wait, Perdy you almost forgot something.” “What?”  “Here is the dollar you earned.”  “Oh, thank you.”  “Have fun at the circus.”

To be continued

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