Organizing my art studio

Thursday, August 1, 2019

First day of August. I am assuming the annoying heat wave will continue for another month or so. I didn’t see the lizard all morning. I am still not sure if he finally went outside or he is still hiding somewhere inside. 

I was reorganizing some of my papers by my drawing desk, and I noticed all my graphic novel preparations, which includes rough draft, rough sketches, inspiration board, artboard, and notes. I decided to put them together for future reference. I also noticed some graphic novel samples and teasers I had collected for research purposes. I put them together. I still need to go through a bin as well as a wicker chest to discard junk but keep items I still needed for reference.

As I went through each piece, I reminisced through the graphic novel process, which took forever to put together. And, I had so much issues coming up that I started over many times because I wasn’t happy with certain pages. I forgot I still had some of these pieces. Many of these pieces reminded me of everything I learned during my Platt College graphic design program. I had used many skills and tools. 


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