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No Blah “Woodspirit”, Bearded, Face For These Two Posts!

Standing guard over the new construction of a cabin in North Bend British Columbia stands my two creations “Garrison” and “The North Mystic”. I was commissioned to create something unique for the entrance way and these two posts were the outcome.

Each post started as a 10 foot tall, bark covered log when they were brought to my studio in Langley. I wanted to give each log it’s own personality but I didn’t want to default to the mundane “Woodspirit” old man, big beard, face you see carved out of so many logs and pieces of wood. These creations needed to be special and stand alone. They seem to be happy at there new station, keeping guard as intended!



Here are the progression photos of “Garrison”

Left side / Right side

North Mystic

These are the progression photos of the “North Mystic”

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