Love ItLove It



Hey Birdie-Birdie

You want the best things

I do too,

The rest in

Glide into the nest inn

I wanna nest-in with you…

Why do we say

if we have no wings

we cannot fly?

Don’t you know

that if we close our eyes

there’s a fly-way to the sky?…

Get a ticket for two

To who knows where

Somewhere where there’s a place

for purdy Birdie love,

Be the guest in at the nest inn

With me Birdie boo

How bout we two

go do the check in?…

Away from the crowd

Where this thing between

can set in as a chivalrous cloud,

Like swans on lakes be pecking

That’s how you baby B

I be checking…

Any how

Any which way

Morning, noon n’ night all day,

Up off the ground

I comfort you

You comfort me

We comfort-in…

Oh flirty Birdie sax

No script required

Only hearts of fire

where the love’s desired,

Like melting candle wax

So be it to our moments,

A part of you

The part of me

Moment by moment

We write the pages of our romaunts…

The rest-in

Be the guest in at the nest inn,

Baby B

Don’t you wanna go nest-in

with me…

Copyright © 2018 Bradley M. Tremmil 


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Written by Bradley Tremmil