My Picks For Cool Tweets About Mosaics

I love the art of mosaics.  It is amazing the art people can create from broken pieces of almost anything and smooth tiles.  Years ago, we rented a house in Cedar Park, Texas, and the first thing I noticed when I walked into the house was the kitchen.  The tiles on the wall were a beautiful mosaic/  It was like a still life painting of fruit; only it was tiles.  Gorgeous!

Historians of antiquity give the ancient Greeks the credit for making the mosaic an accepted and respected art form.  However, mosaics originated in Mesopotamia about 4000 years ago.  The Romans who seemed to believe that everything the Greeks did was worthy of their admiration used mosaics as decorative accents.  Mosaic art could be found in public buildings and private residences throughout ancient Rome.  Today mosaics are everywhere!  Even in video games.

Featured Image – Photo by Sarah Phillips on Unsplash



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