My Lord

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My Lord


If you believe in me, you will be my lord.

If you believe in me, my devotion to you will be

My ecstasy.

If you believe in me, I will have the

Strength to carry me through this purgatory

That I did not subscribe to.

All I need is your breath of hope.

All I need is your faith to propel me to a life of

Love and so much more.

Your love, our love, will carry us through,

Up and away until we reach the sun, and

Touch all of its rays.

This earth can never know the warmth, the

Tenderness meant for us both.

Our love is blueberry bliss, Mr. Blissful.

You will be, and I will be Mrs. Surreal.

And we will sit there on the moon, observing

The stars next to us.

And we will look down on earth,

Remembering, all the rocky waves in the

Oceans of our purgatory.

And we will find that we are truly worthy of

Each other.

November 12th was the magic hour.

All I need is for you to believe in me.

And I will give you all my love,

Even if I didn’t, couldn’t have planned it.

I didn’t see you coming into my life.

I had no clue.

God makes other plans unbeknownst to you.

Take my hand, and tell me

It is I you treasure.

And I will take your hand Mr. Blissful, giving you

Heaping spoonfulls of joy without measure.


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Written by Maria Ayala

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