More Abstract Art Work

(Photos courtesy of my Android…..)

The first photo is a collage I made inside one of my folders,  back in 2003.  In these folders I kept printed copies of my poems.

This is a mini collage, that I like to call, “Lips.”  It was around the time that Ellen just started her talk show on NBC.  I always decorated the insides of my journals and folders.  I usually bought them all at once.  Then when I had the time, I would glue cut outs from magazines, and use stickers, if I had any.

The second photo is a collage I did around the same time, that I like to call, “Maybe Nun”.  I glued a snake skin cut out from a magazine at the bottom of purple construction paper.  Then I glued the cut out of a woman in a bathing suit on top of i t.

It looks like she’s wearing a nuns habit.  I love gluing, and cutting, and gluing, and layering, and using stickers on paper of course.


What do you think?


Written by Maria Ayala

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