Picture perfect time

Girl you know

you blow my mind

In a second in a minute

Lightening struck my flame,

How enlightening

that you’re such a lovely lady

That’s why I say thee

You must be

the Mercedes of my rhyme…

Like a gold mine priceless

the mind is such a wonder

And your niceness

like a soft n subtle thunder –

I wonder

Pretty witty hun

Could you be

the daughter of the sun…

For my sweet tooth

You’re like the candy to my eyes

Your lips so succulent

I’m hungered up in appetite,

Being the cat that I am

I’m carnivore

That means my primal instinct

is to chase and attack the rack

Being the gentleman that I am

I hold my decent

Even tho its hard to look at you

and not wanna take a bite…

Someone like you

I love to adore

Don’t hide yourself

Your inner

Your core

Of your truth

give me more,

Your hopes

Your dreams

Your fears your tears

Your strengths

Your weaknesses,

The scent of your essence

All that makes you

not just a woman,

But all that you are woman…

Say good looking

can you see for looking

Fly up over the horizon

Sailing sunsets like paper jets

Are you ready to flap your wings?

Straight thru heaven’s door


Let me show you

where my eye’s on…

Copyright © 2018 Bradley M. Tremmil

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