Meetups Becoming Boring

Thursday, 7.23.20

Today seems to be bad luck. I went to two meetups, and the leader didn’t show up.

At 9 am, I went to yoga meetup at the park. Four women showed up with their mat, and we waited for the instructor but no one showed up. We later noticed on meetup site that the instructor had a family emergency. She couldn’t make it. The other instructor didn’t come either. So, we left. I returned home and relaxed. At 6 pm, I decided to go to my second meetup–an artist meetup. Five people signed up. One person quit. Only one other person actually showed up. So, I chatted with him with him for a while, waiting for the other two to show up. But no one showed up. We eventually left. 

People in these meetups are flaky. They sign up but they don’t show up or they quit last minute.


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