My heart is deep my thoughts are shallow I’m haunted within My life is all based on Fairy tales I feel like Harry Potter and this is my deathly hallows

If walls could speak They’d have a thousand stories to tell My chances are slim and gradually I see myself beyond that gate of hell

My life is a mess Give me a reason to care It’s difficult to blame myself For my mistakes This is one huge wall I cannot escape

A million words to write Yet so little time If the truth could hurt so much Please feed me with lies

Is there hope for the hopeless? Every passing day I wish I could just rewind If time flies then why Are we falling behind

It’s easy to write my words It’s difficult to right my wrongs They say there is no peace for the wicked Everyday I watch them smile Oh they’ve got nothing to regret

Why worry? Why carry the burden of the world on your head? Too depressed to find sleep While I lay on my bed

It’s easy to give what you get It’s hard to forget the dead Knowledge they say is power Power can be dangerous in the wrong hands

Would you do better If you had a second chance?   The greatest mistake I’ve made is trying to be what you wanted me to be

Now I can never be happy Cause I’m living a lie & I can’t be whom I want to be Even if I try



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Written by iam_elchoko

they say follow your heart..!! too bad I don't have one....