Loey Lane step by step drawing

Hi everyone! ? I want to share with you my drawing, that I did a month ago.

I drew a portrait of a youtuber, an amazing girl, named Loey Lane. I posted this drawing on my instagram, I was so shocked when I saw that she commented and liked it. It was super cool! I was super happy! But…

I also want to thank you guys your support! You don’t know how much this means to me!

I hope you’ll like my art! Don’t be afraid to comment, I always like to answer your questions, if you have one.

Loey Lane – paper size – A5, created with: Polycolor colored pencils, soft pastels, white gel pen, old (beige,ivory) pressed powder.

I took some progress pictures while I was drawing this amazing person, hope you don’t mind, that I didn’t captured every step, but I tried to, and maybe next time I sure will more!

First of all, I did a quick sketch of her face and hair, and I started with skin tone and with the eyes. The skin tone I did with one of my old pressed powder. Please don’t laugh! ? I know it’s funny, but I can’t afford panpastels and prismacolor, not to mention polychromos. So yea… I really like to continue with the eyes, and eyebrows.

After the eyes, nose, eyebrows, I like to continue with the lips. I know, I chose a little too pinky colors, but its easy to light it up. You just need to use your eraser, if it’s not enough – use your white gel pen. So that’s what I did in the next step.

The hair – it’s just lines after lines. With light and dark brown, black colored pencils.

So here’s again the final work!I hope you found this helpful and liked it! I will try to capture everything in the future, if you are interested!Please support my art, if you want. Would mean the world to me!

‘Till my next post…. Stay safe!

All love,Bridget


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