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Less Wisdom than a Dare

Man keeps running

over the Trees

Bouncing on Air

Lost next to  Earth

Hope found no Where

Some Brag and others Lag

or swagger up a Hill

drink up their Fill

Forget to Rest

and Chill

some take to Books

or grab a mirror

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to admire their Looks

The Books win every Time

because Beauty

is as thin as a Dime

and Books feed us Mystery

or satisfy our souls

with Earth’s

never ending History

A volume and a book


us from ancient Egypt

to a landing on the Moon

and while lovey lady stars

make you Swoon

nothing beat great music

and sweet poetry

for the soul to sigh

with the advance of

a wonderful Tune

I hear the Tread

of glory over Head

Angels every level

running up a Stair

Mourning for Man

Who shows less Wisdom

than a Dare

A new world awaits us

Only the Good even Care

If you have wild streak

Cool it down

and Think

a wild crazy DARE

gets you no where

Wisdom will

take you to

new worlds you

can Share

Now with wise planning

You  can find Wonders

with a marvelous Dare


What do you think?

Written by Johndavisnearby

POEMS from Earth:
Scot Irish Czech BARD Hush little Humans-Don't U CRY Earth sings U a Lullaby Born HOUSTN TX Age 80 GEM Pic1985 Rear Apt 2227 South ST

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