Her name is “Kiyohime”

More than 1000 years ago Japan.

The 13-year-old “Kiyohime” fell in love with an older priest.

And “Kiyohime” confessed to him a love.

However, the priest who lives while traveling was not willing to make a lover.

So he lied to “Kiyohime”.

“I will come back again on the way, let’s get married at that time.”

But no matter how much she waited for him he did not come.

She noticed his lies.

She lost her sanity with love, anger and sadness, she ran all the way to see him!

Among them, she became a huge snake. And she caught up with the priest. She burned a monk hiding behind the temple bells.She also burned to death with him.


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Written by FUKUFUKU

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  1. “The greatest thing I’ve ever learned is just to love and to be loved in return.”
    ~ Lyrics from “Nature Boy”, written by Nat King Cole

    That is such a painfully sad love story. If only the priest could have made the young child understand. Sometimes love just cannot be returned. The person just does not love you the way you love them. No matter how much it hurts for them to tell you they don’t share your feelings, it would hurt even more if they took advantage of your love, used you and then discarded you.

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