Keys to the Kingdom & Foundations of the earth MAY Painting/Drawing

Welcome, Love Art Wonders Readers,

Another month is coming where we bring to you the next painting or drawing for the month. I decided to create this painting above “Keys to the Kingdom” and combine it with our recent drawing “Foundations of the earth” for MAY’S PAINTING&DRAWINGS! Both are profound artwork and I’m excited to share the beauty each one reveals.

Foundations of the earth Drawing represents God’s work in creation and reminding us of the beginning of it all, who was there. I was reading this for my devotion and God impressed me on my heart to create this drawing.  I think it’s fascinating to know the origin of beauty began with the foundation of the world being held and laid together by God.  I enjoyed making this drawing

Keys to the Kingdom came about also from my devotions but was impressed on me in a different way. I didn’t get to spend too much time on making it but none the less it reveals and captures the meaning and purpose behind it. It shares how God will give us the keys to the kingdom and give us power in our lives to overcome. Whatever we do on earth will be done in heaven and whatever is done in heaven will be done on earth. It reminds me of God’s power and that he has the “key”

These are the two paintings that are combined for this month of MAY! Hope you enjoy them as I have in creating




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