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Is Your Marketing As Good As A Game Of Thrones?

But you’re a writer, right? So then as a writer you aught to write, right? So, how, if at all should the issue of marketing concern you, here at Virily or indeed, wheresoever else you ply your craft?

And, have you ever struggled to woo a girl/boy- friend? Or indeed an issue, many more of us may well define with, that of being short of money? And, what about if you feel you just can’t make friends?

Well, you had better believe me, when I tell you, virtually every conceivable life situation comes back to marketing!

Most entrepreneurs and writers like to go go go!! Ready, fire, aim, right? That’s not altogether bad. It’s what makes us wake up in the morning, get our articles out there, and change the world. So a word like foundations is utterly boring. Oh, so not sexy.

When you stop to learn something like marketing foundations, you may feel like you’re slowing down or even taking a step back, but it’s crucial to lay good foundations, right? So as an architect, you can build a big house. After all, the foundation you’ll need for a $100 million-dollar business is gonna be a beast compared to a foundation that will support a $1 million-dollar business, this is because a solid foundation multiplies and maximizes your efforts.

It means that when you’re ready to go out there and sell, everything you do will be stronger, faster, and more profitable…even if you don’t exert more effort.

Good foundations build and sustain businesses during all the ups and perhaps even more importantly, during the downs, so don’t skip the chance to learn and shore up your business


In heeding this warning, It never bodes well to dabble a bit on any topic of marketing, you would be best served by becoming a dedicated student of it.

 If you come to my writing corner, ahem! studio, you will see books on marketing, stacked from floor to ceiling. I’ve spent my entire life studying this because as I progressed, I believe that it made everything I did in life, more successful.

Good marketing will get you great friends, and ooh! boy! a great spouse, and money. Good marketing will teach you how to put your best foot forward, how to find the angle that keeps people interested, and how to crush any objections people have about whatever it is you’re selling—be it products, taking marriage vows, garnering vacation venue support, a raise, whatever.

Trust me, when having to solve any problem in your life, you have got to up your marketing game.

I’ve learned this in the past 20 years, from great motivational speakers from Napoleon Hill to Tony Robbins, You can read them all in any order or even start a book in the middle.

All rhe chapters will mention something of that certain secret sauce, called motivational skills, tricks, all of which are  marketing angles!

Should you get the point I am marketing in this article, I would suggest you memorize and apply it in your various life endeavors, you will be so glad you did!

In conclusion of this approach to the aspect of living,  I welcome your esteemed views on this enigmatic topic and await examples of your own experiences, either in support of my theory or even to elaborate on your total disagreement with it, with equal fervor and anticipation!

Your writing has to be as good as A Game Of Thrones, You win or you die!


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