Inspiration Happens On One Hot Summer Day

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Today is officially the first day of Summer 2018. After retouching a page, I decided to go on Adobe Photoshop to add copyright information on a couple of photos. My photoshop program is Adobe Photoshop CS1, which is still useful and it is still enough for my needs. I bought it from a store, with my own CD. So, I had the serial number as well as activation number. But when I entered the program to use it, it kept asking me to add an Authorization Code from Adobe in order to reactivate my own product. I called, which took forever because I was on hold waiting and waiting. I finally got tech support, and he told me that this product is old and closed. He doesn’t have any authorization code. Plus, this Adobe Photoshop CS1 is compatible with Windows XP and lower. So, Windows 7 and higher isn’t compatible with this older version. The options I have is to buy a newer version or download Photoshop CS2, which still works with Windows 7. Since I am using Photoshop for basic photo and graphics needs, I decided to download a free copy of CS2. I remembered to write the serial number for it, just in case I needed it in the future, and I installed the CS2 version into my hard drive. Then, I went on this CS2 version to add my copyright information on two older photographs.

These two mannequin photographs were my start in surreal mannequin photography in the early 90s when I decided to take a photography class at UCI during one hot summer. Basically, I wanted to improve my photography skills because I had just bought a new camera with my college graduation money. I bought the Minolta 5000 with 50mm lens. Many people in the class loved my surreal mannequin photographs, especially of this particular mannequin, who was my first fashion model. The teacher and others encouraged me to continue doing mannequin photography, especially this particular style. I tried two angles in order to create two looks because she looks like she had a different pose in each photograph. I also thought it was cool that the vintage VW bug was driving by as I took the picture, which I think added to the story. The second one also tells a story, which was accidental, by having that businessman walk by during the moment I took the picture.

Therefore, these two surreal mannequin photos were probably my favorite mannequin photos because they were my first attempt at trying to find my style and “Visual Voice.” So, every time I walk by a window display that has mannequins, I am tempted to take a couple of snapshots, whether with my iPhone or camera.

I recently noticed that many other people are now into mannequin photography, but everyone has their own personal style.

What do you think?

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Written by Fifi Leigh

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