Human Change Game

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I do not wish to be changed

into anyone

I am good myself

I am human

and like to remain that way

I am not an animal

that would aspire to be human

I go and come all over

I return home human

I sleep like human

24/7/365 multiplied by 100(years I expect to live)

I would be a human

and I am a powerful human

at that

I am scared of lizards

and hate them(LOL)

though I kill insects and mosquitoes

just like that(lol)

but as yet I have a huge lot of power

and no power in universe

can ever even change a hair on me

so let us do away with that desire

of yours in relation to me

and all the games you play

around that

I can see you right in front of me

an old hag who has not changed

once in your lifetime

except that you have wrinkles

and old age dirt

I dare you all changers

to come in front of me

and exhibit a change

haha you seem to have the tech

of God and you boast of it a lot

even if you talked of soul shifting

better still soul transmigration

than let us have you exhibit

an entry into a dead carcass

so that it can liven and sit up

straight and then we would give

you the credit you fraud

and you charlatan extreme

you are basically atheists

playing a God’s game

against those who believe in God

damn you fraudster leftists

and money or its equivalent

is all that you get.

It is not one

but all of you

who are involved in this loot

as a group and organized at that !

So now its time to uncover

your loots and players

past, present or in future !

Then to escape law

you may probably change

into a lizard or a rat or a monkey

and hide just like that.

LOL let your prime power=PIG=FRAUD=THIEF=LEFTIST=WHORE  =PIMP in CHANGING step forward and talk to us-we will change him or her for the better-he/she would be minus his/her grouped money looting crimes in about half an hour !

This one great sacrificial game that I have seen played in some wrokspaces as clever/foxy workers grab dues and monies of others and with a sacrificial face they proclaim ” Ya know we had to change to get that”



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Written by Glower4

Glower is a writer cum poet who is a commoner endowed with uncanny gift of extreme and deep abstract thought resulting in astonishing written word.

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