Gumby Knocked Down my Gold Statues

Friday, 8.14.20

At 4am, I woke to a loud crash. I went to the living space area, and noticed the two gold statues on the partially tile floor broken. Gumby had knocked them down. Lately, Gumby had been waking up earlier than usual, around 4 am, and jumping on the furniture. He walks around the TV stand. When I see him doing it, I tell him to get down, and he does. But this time, I was asleep, and the two gold statues crashed down to the floor. I liked them. I got them from my late parents’ house because my brothers didn’t want them. They fit my decor anyway. So, I decided to do my best to glue them back.

The bottom part of the couple embracing was broken into pieces. I glued the pieces, but it is a little off. The other statue of the girl sitting down only had a broken head. I glued the head pieces, but there was a hole in the middle of the head. 

There are some white pieces leftover, which probably goes to the hole area in the head. But there aren’t anymore gold pieces.

The top snapshot is of the two statues before it was broken. Now, I placed them in my den. They now look like archaeological ruins from Greece.

I liked them. They looked like modern art pieces, and they belonged to my late parents. I am in a bad mood now. I hope this isn’t bad luck.


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