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Through the eyes of hope

we see an oasis from a distance,

For all the world to see

her heart is sworn upon her sleeve,

She wears her energy

as golden lights drenched in peace

A child of the light

She flickers her lighthouse

to those tossed at sea,

A glimmer of hope

to weakness trapped by darkness

She’s walks the mile

to cast out ropes –

Ropes that rescue hopeless minds

who are forsaken to despair,

Her trustworthy eyes

are like a medicine born out of purity

She colours the earth

like rains to a garden neglected,

Is she not prudent

for her wisdom empowers the lowly?

A product of loveliness

Even her hair sparkles

as does the crown of a princess,

The long walk to freedom

pledged by sacrificial love

Her unwavering integrity

breaks the chains of oppression

Thus hope begins to float,

Seeing through the eyes of hope

Hope has faith in hope.

 Copyright © 2018                 Bradley M. Tremmil

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