Darkness from the day light

Brightness from the night’s star

When evil is calmed, we engage in peaceful fights For blissful rights

The one who sent the devil amongst us knew its plight Woe unto the earth, in whispers

I hear the angels chant Who is he who fights who cannot stand?

Who is he who bets when the die is cast?

We? No

We make wishes to running stars We see hopes in the darkest skies On this broken pine, my demons scratch with heavy strikes

Unleashing the monsters hidden inside

Hello officer, you know how my retina works When I open the lid and the whole eye drops The tears would drown you and the whole wild world

I’m not a wizard officer, you know exactly how my hands work

When I paint a picture of the universe with a rejected brush

The perfection would have you staring at the skies from the top

You know exactly how my hands work

Hello God

Gift me with a life before death returns Before the rain of pain builds up it floods

Before mother earth denies me a chance to be one of her sons

Before the world points her dirty fingers at me

Before the walls of my grave start coming after me

Before I’m shrouded with the thrones of shame

Before my thirst for light lure me to forget my name

Hello Abadon Your days are gone

Far beyond where the minds can reach

Beyond the lands where feet apart makes you feel at ease

Beyond the realms where intelligence can teach

Hello Abadon If I torch you, you would burn

But the truth from the lips of the sun

Your lullabies still remain in my heart where hate began

Where enmity first took its stands

Where darkness defeated light

Where the blinded give directions to those with sight

Where the sun never outshines the night

Where there’s more to where you’ve ever been

Welcome to my heart

Where darkness is raised over everything



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Written by iam_elchoko

they say follow your heart..!! too bad I don't have one....

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