En mi domino


Di aglo

Quiero oírte hablar,

I want to say things

I want to do things,

Ay, entrar…

When we’re apart

I miss your lips…ay

Oh my, oh my, oh my,

Your lips…

My eyes they gliss

at the sight of your lips,

Guitarra de amor say my name,

I like the way you say my name

When we’re apart

I hear you call my name…

Into yours

I want to feel your passion

I want to hear you sing,

When I pull your heart strings

I want you to cry…oh!

Oh my, oh my…

Where we’ve never been

To that place I want to go,

See the things

Do the things

We’ve never seen

We’ve never done

And when its all said n won,

For you

I want to write,

I want to write for you

A quintessential lullaby…


Ay…en al mio


Copyright © 2017 Bradley M. Tremmil 

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