Christinia Marie Weir White

I have decided to try and do my word play poems with people’s name. The first name belongs to my first niece.

C is for caring and compassionate,

H is for healthy,

R is for reasonable,

I is for intellectually sound,

S is for secure with herself,

T is for temper does show in some ways,

I is for intense at times,

N is for nice,

I is for interesting person,

A is for alert to her surroundings.

M is for mature,

A is for action oriented at times,

R is for reflective,

I is for shows initiative,

E is for educated.

W is for worthy of whatever,

E is for energetic,

I is for informed on issues,

R is for restful at times.

W is for waiting for good things,

H is for home,

I is for integrated ideas,

T is for timely,

E is for excellent human.


What do you think?


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